Action Books, April 2020
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About this Work
Valerie Hsiung is a poet, writer, performer, and the author of four full-length poetry and hybrid writing collections--YOU & ME FOREVER (Action Books, 2020), outside voices, please (CSU, 2021), hummingbird et partygirl (Essay Press, 2022), and e f g (Action, 2016). Her work can be found in places such as The Nation, The Believer, New Delta Review, The Adroit JournalPEN America, Black Sun Lit, Ghost Proposal, The Rumpus, Poetry Northwest, APARTMENT, Chicago Review, jubilat, Denver Quarterly, Paperbag, and beyond. She has performed at Treefort Music Festival, DC Arts Center, Common Area Maintenance, The Poetry Project, Casa Libre en la Solana, Poetic Research Bureau, Shapeshifter Lab, and The Silent Barn. Born in the Year of the Earth Snake and raised by Chinese-Taiwanese immigrants in Cincinnati, Ohio, she now lives in Brooklyn, New York.


YOU & ME FOREVER is a book of poetry and voice-based performance texts by artist
Valerie Hsiung.

Date: April 1, 2020
Publisher: Action Books
Format: Print
Genre: Poetry, Performance
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Interview in Tarpaulin Sky
Review in Angel City Review
Excerpts in Verse

"A storied, oscillating breath-scape, a wondrous tertium quid, Valerie Hsiung’s You & Me Forever maps a world that moves as simultaneously paradoxical, relational, and permutational. Edged with the epic, speech-based and strange, the writings enact the promise of dreams as they address matters of hauntings and bodies, displacement, and the nature of capital, exile, and art. Here the narrative ripples, achieves both temporal and spatial possibilities, works both boundariness and dissolve. A destabilizing marvel."
          - Hoa Nguyen, Author of Violet Energy Ingots, As Long  As Trees Last, and Hecate Lochia

"The first time I read Valerie Hsiung’s You & Me Forever, I had a vision of a bonfire in which countless volumes of love-twisted and love-twisting works of literature, including sculptures and films, were reduced to ash, and from the ashes were intuitively yet precisely drawn filaments on which were inscribed prophetic dialogues that voiced the poet’s relationship with the forces that would come to make, and perpetually threaten to unmake, her world. The second time I read You & Me Forever, there was neither filament nor fire, but an animated frieze, or maybe rainfall, or serrated light, of intimate retribution, that is retributive intimacy. I say read, but that is not exactly what happened."
          - Brandon Shimoda, Author of The Grave on the Wall, The Desert, and Evening Oracle

"How do we speak of the unspeakable? In the long, incantatory You & Me Forever, Valerie Hsiung creates meaning from the extra- and almost-linguistic (italics, punctuation, an echolalia-like repetition, numbers, empty space), since language, or ‘human words,’ with their ‘complicit incompleteness,’ seem to hurt to speak. Meaning is supplemental to the language. The poems become almost a filibuster of avoidance, describing a violence by circumventing a violence (’an unfathomable crime’) or the violence, violence as ongoingness. Dramatic but quiet, ‘This is a not a book written as a not a love letter—’"            
            - Elisa Gabbert, Author of The Word Pretty, L'Heure Bleue, and The Self Unstable

"More than original, You & Me Forever is the afterlife of the original, a hand-drawn map of memory animated ‘when we breathe on a page to translate it’ and sense the entire book a ‘fluttering yearning being capable of mass loss capable of feeling when touched.’ And as in every afterlife, Valerie Hsiung's book is bruised by personal and historical monsters but is also proof of endurance, of refusal to ‘tell us anything we want to hear.’ What should we want? To metabolize through our very bodies Hsiung's gorgeously ‘sublingual language,’ 4 EVER & EVER."
          - Rosa Alcalá, Author of
M(y)OTHER TONGUE, The Lust of Unsentimental Waters, and Undocumentaries

"In the fleeting, quicksilver language of Valerie Hsiung’s You & Me Forever, accumulated peripheries jostle, rock on the waters, gain some traction, but they never quite settle. The worlds Hsiung delicately folds together create friction, a low steady hum builds and then disperses — only to try and build again. We, the reader, are invited to sit inside the hum of this continual construction, to place our bodies in the chamber alongside the many other bodies that fill You & Me Forever. A thread pulls us along. What saline logic this book holds."
          - Asiya Wadud, Author of SYNCOPE, Day Pulls Down the Sky / a Filament in Gold Leaf, and  Crosslight for Youngbird

"These are some of the things I love about Valerie Hsiung’s You & Me Forever: How wolves and magnets and clowns augur the end of girlhood but also announce it (to whom?). The combination of shame and boredom, as in, I just want to drink my coffee and eat this biscuit. How great loves break something in order to be something: a clasp. The way ‘[w]hole rituals can be unmade - and will be - as part of the ritual.’ How Aliens sleep-kick their way through each wet night, and the way nothing is safe and at the same time somnolent, ultra-dreamy, like the vision of the earth from a distant spot. Themes of loyality, power and extreme vulnerability converge in this beautiful and complicated book. ‘Or...or....or.’ Where: everything is beautiful until it’s not."
         - Bhanu Kapil, Author of Ban en Banlieue, Schizophrene, and Humanimal: A Project for Future Children

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