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Valerie Hsiung, also known as Sibylla Shone, is an American poet, musician, singer-songwriter and performance artist. Two debut books of poetry–incantation inarticulate and under your face–were published in 2013 by O Balthazar Press. Her first full-length album–IS, or The Moon is Not Safe–will be out by end of 2014. Latest and notable poetry and writing can be found or is forthcoming in print and digital with American Letters & Commentary, Denver Quarterly, Diode Poetry Journal, EOAGH: Journal of the Arts, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Juked, LOVEbook  by SPZCE, Mad Hatters’ Review, New Delta Review, the PEN Poetry Series, VOLT and elsewhere. A child of both the Bluegrass hills of Cincinnati and the Mojave desert of Las Vegas, Hsiung has lived in La Rochette, Los Angeles, Paris, Providence, Shanghai, and now dwells around Brooklyn, where she makes a brutal lemonade and dances to funk records until she falls.


“Sometimes art (poetry) is a beautiful sick dog that shits all over the house.”  Frank


Contact : valerie dot ohio at gmail dot com


Latest recorded poetreeing:

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